It’s easy to feel discouraged and overwhelmed today, isn’t it? Paul’s letter to the Philippians addresses these same feelings with the hope found in Christ. Writing from prison, Paul urged the Philippians to live with joy in the Lord no matter what their circumstances. And you can too!

This fall, Church on the Hill will focus our attention on these truths found in Philippians through an all-church study. We know that we are all in different places. Some are in a busy season with young kids, some are new to the faith, some are empty nesters who have studied Philippians many times. Wherever you are, we want to meet you there for this study. We are offering multiple studies at three different commitment tiers:

*Contact Yvette to purchase the series:

Grab a group of parents at the football fields, friends from the neighborhood or use your existing Group to work through one of these studies, ranging from 6-16 weeks. There is no need to sign up to participate, but we'd love to know who is taking this journey with us. Once you have selected your study, let us know here!

Study Choice

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All-Church Study FAQs*

Yes, we are encouraging all Groups and Sunday school classes to consider doing one of the available studies. The studies have been shared with all group leaders. Each group should review the list of studies and make a decision as to which option is best suited for their group. 

You can still participate in the study. We encourage you to either join an existing life group or Sunday School class that is doing the study. To find a group visit our Groups page. Not ready to join a group, no worries. The studies are also structured in a way that you could grab a group of friends and walk through the study together. 

We have provided several study options that would be very insightful with just as little as a 30-minute commitment each week and the majority of the study options are for no more than 6-8 weeks. Many of the study options have a video component that is less than 15-minutes (less than the time you sit in the carpool line). The video gives you the opportunity to participate at a time that is convenient for you either on your computer or a mobile device. 

The majority of the study options are available for free via our RightNow Media account. If you are not a current subscriber to our RightNow Media account, just click this link to request an account. If you already have an account, click this link to go directly to our RightNow Media Fall library. There is a cost of $149.99 for the 16-week study, Paul and His Letter to the Philippians. If you want to do this study but need financial assistance, please contact Yvette at 

As a church family, there are times when we feel the Lord desires to speak to us corporately and bring us in alignment with a specific message or word to guide us in fulfilling our mission. This is such a time. We want to come together as a family and hear what the Lord is desiring for us, and mediate on it, place it in our hearts and live it out in the community; as we let people know they are known and loved. Outside of these specific times, groups and classes discern the study and class that is best for their spiritual growth as a group. 


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