From the time He arrives, Jesus’ kingdom is being made known on Earth.

Everything Jesus did pointed to the Kingdom of God. In a historical sense, Jesus was the Liberating King. More importantly, He is the Liberating King of each of our lives today. 

At the beginning of 2023, you’re invited to go back to the beginning of the New Testament and rediscover the Gospel of Matthew. We’ll make clear what happens when people choose to place themselves under the leadership of the King and how we are to live out His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.


The Magi make an unexpected visit to Jesus and he’s later forced to flee into Egypt. 


Jesus is baptized to fulfill all righteousness.


Jesus is tempted in the wilderness at the start of His earthly ministry.


Jesus talks about being the salt of the earth and letting your light shine.


Jesus models how to pray and discusses how our treasure is in Heaven.



Jesus tells stories to illustrate how we are to live a Kingdom life. 


Jesus shares about the Kingdom of God through more parables. 

Discover the Kingdom with us On The Hill!