Picture-Perfect Family | Church on the Hill

Summer is a time for family.

For some, family time is fun and fulfilling. For others, thinking about family can be uncomfortable or even painful. 

We all wish we had a picture-perfect family. But we all have stories that we'd rather not tell and some level of dysfunction. In the stories of Genesis, we discover God's chosen family had struggles, secrets, sibling rivalries, and even threats of murder. As we explore these rich and ancient stories, we see how God works in us and through us—despite family dysfunction—to bring about God’s perfect will for the world. 



God calls Abraham and his family to bless the world.


God’s purpose is to bless all families through one family.


We get impatient, but God redeems our mistakes.


Even in the deepest trials, God makes a way.


Romance makes a good story, but it’s a small part of God’s greater story.


When we are all at fault, God is all-faithful. 


Every family has difficult people, but there is always hope for change.


When we wrestle with fear and doubt God comes to us and blesses us.

The good news is that we can find hope for God’s presence and activity in our own families today. We hope you'll plan your Sunday visit with us On The Hill this summer!