We believe we’re called by God to be good neighbors. The essence of being a neighbor is being in community with each other. It’s working, playing, and doing life together. Being a good neighbor is more than going into a neighborhood and doing for others, it’s being in community with others.

Church on the Hill has an incredible opportunity to expand our Missions outreach into the community. To maximize our opportunities for community partnership, gain new volunteers and increase funding and donor options, a new organization (a 501c3) is being formed. It will be called The Block - it will be about bringing neighbors together to serve one another. The mission of the Block is, “Neighbors serving neighbors through genuine connections.” Our mission is built on a foundation of love and a desire to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

This new organization will be strongly and significantly supported by Church on the Hill - but will also have some significant opportunities (because it is separate from the church) to connect with new and diverse groups in our community to serve and support many throughout Gwinnett County and beyond. We believe this is what God is asking us to start and support to serve and connect with many who have genuine needs.

The Local Need

  • In 2020, 34.3% of children attending Buford City Schools and 39.2% of children in the Gwinnett County Public School Lanier Cluster received free or reduced lunches (decal.gov)
  • In 2020, the North Gwinnett Co-op served 33,090 people, 45% (14,907) of which were children
  • Gwinnett County has the 3rd highest total homeless population in Georgia (Georgia Department of Community Affairs)
  • The food insecurity rate for all of Gwinnett in 2019 was 8.3% (Feeding America)
  • In 2019, 76,240 people in Gwinnett were food insecure and 23,380 of those were children (Feeding America)
  • 23% of Gwinnett residents in 2019 were living below between 130-185% of the poverty line (Feeding America)
  • 26.5% of households in 30518 are financially unstable and 31.6% have a housing cost burden (United Way)



We will measure success primarily based on the relationships we build and the positive life changes that come out of our redemptive efforts in the community. In addition, we will use numbers of those served, meals provided, or classes offered to measure impact.

Though The Block works in association with the Church on the Hill, as a separate non-profit organization, The Block will not duplicate efforts or require resources from the church. We may work in tandem on specific projects, but our goal is to resource and refer to other outreach groups as a partner in our community.

The Block will continue Church on the Hill's current food program and only grow and enhance it.

No, Church on the Hill and The Block are separate entities legally.

The funding for The Block out of the designated Missions funds at Church on the Hill are part of the natural, ongoing support of all missions. Each mission that Church on the Hill serves is funded out of our missions offerings with The Block being one of those mission endeavors.

We will be applying for grants and some of these, if awarded, may come from government agencies.

We are not partnering with any other churches at the onset of The Block. We will welcome their volunteer support in our missions endeavors, however, The Block’s leadership will remain majority Church on the Hill members.

To expand and grow the ability of Church on the Hill's launched missions and others that fill local needs beyond the impact capable of missions administered solely by the Church.

We are fully incorporated so it will start now. This will be a phased approach with expectation of being completely up and running in a separate location in 3 years.

Church on the Hill is still a boots on the ground, community-service centered church. We want to be able to do more and on a bigger scale. Church on the Hill will partner with The Block on all local missions. The scope and scale of grants, donations, partners, volunteers, and impact of a separate non-profit can exceed that of a church or religious denomination.

Yes, for now, but the intention is to transition Sarah to employment by The Block at the appropriate time for both entities.

Church on the Hill will still have Wonderful Night here on our campus. We will work together with The Block to host the event.

Regional and international missions will stay with Church on the Hill. Only the local missions will work in harmony with The Block.

No, we will work in concert and in partnership with other non-profits. We will not be duplicating any efforts other organizations are doing in our area. The Co-Op is 100% supportive and in partnership with The Block as will be the relationships fostered with other local missions. There is more than enough need to go around and we want to partner with other local missions to fill gaps and balance coverage.

Grants will be a preferred source and one of the reasons for this model. Private donations will also be an elected source. The Block will be able to apply for grants and be candidates for donations Church on the Hill otherwise would not.

This will be housed at Church on the Hill for the time being. Our goal is to move the local missions activities to a separate location geographically close to our church.

The Board is structured with 5 out of 7 directors as active Church on the Hill members. The Board is composed of people of varying backgrounds, but all with a heart for our community and for Christ. The board members are Josh Dunaway, Sarah Hobbs, Chuck Wilkinson, Gloria Mendoza, Jennifer Andersen, Marcia Swift, and Cindy Pugh.

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Yes! This is a great way to partner with The Block.

Yes, we are openly Christian. We are not a church, but our purpose is to love God’s people, our people.

The circle at the center of our logo symbolizes Christ, who is at the heart of our organization and everything we do. The different colors of the pinwheel show the diversity of our community all connected and coming together to serve each other.

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Will you join us in prayer?

  • Pray for our board of directors for wisdom and guidance
  • Pray for the community that will benefit from The Block
  • Pray for our efforts to love our neighbors well
  • Pray for The Block council that we help to set this foundation solely on the rock of God’s will and that we be filled with His spirit lifting us through the challenges we encounter
  • Pray that God continue to send us connections, as He has done, with supportive people and organizations
  • Pray we connect with those that are most in need and in time to help them

Sundays at 9:30 or 11am (Spanish Translation available) 

Church on the Hill
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