9/4/22 – 9/25/22

The truth can unlock the freedom that is intended for you.

How do you react when you discover something you thought to be true is false? Do you get angry? Does it breed disbelief? Does it cause trust issues? 

What would you say if we told you the Enemy of your soul has worked hard to dupe you into believing a handful of lies that, once they’ve been swallowed, will paralyze your faith and minimize your impact for God’s Kingdom? During this series, we’ll expose four ideas that very smart Christians have falsely believed to be true about church, life, and faith. The truth has the potential to unlock the freedom that is intended for you!


There are a lot of opinions about talking to others about God. Should matters of faith be kept to yourself?


God calls some to vocational ministry, but are they the only ones responsible for ministry in the church?


Some skeptics feel like The Church is after what the rest of the world is after—your money. What is the truth behind The Church and money?


There are plenty of things in your faith that can be and should be practiced privately. Does that mean that community is optional?


Join us as we explore what is True and False about this life of faith.





Sundays at 9:30 or 11am  

Church on the Hill
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