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Baptism is a meaningful and memorable occasion, a sacrament of our faith.

Baptism is saying “yes” to the God who has already said “yes” to us. Baptism symbolizes entry into the family of God – both for children and adults. At Church on the Hill, we offer two types of baptism:

Infant / Child Baptism
Parents make a decision to enter into a covenant with God to raise their child in the Christian faith and, we believe, that God makes a covenant to be their God. Regardless of our faithfulness to God’s covenant throughout life, one thing is certain . . . God is always faithful to the covenant even in infant baptism.

Adult / Youth Baptism
Those making their own decision to be baptized as a public declaration of their own faith in Jesus Christ. Adults and youth take the step of baptism as a public declaration of their own personal commitment to Jesus Christ. Baptism is done as an act of obedience to Christ because He asked that all His followers be baptized. Throughout the New Testament, it was the first step of those who placed their trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

If you have never been baptized, or perhaps have a child that has never been baptized, and want to express your acceptance of God’s salvation through baptism, you can request to be baptized on our next Baptism Sunday at either the 9:30 or 11 am service. Click the button below to request your desire to be baptized.

Baptism Request

All ages can be baptized here on the Hill. Non-members are encouraged to seek membership as soon as possible after being baptized. To learn more about our membership process e-mail We use three historic modes of baptism – sprinkling, pouring, and immersion. We are not overly concerned with the amount of water that is used, but that we use water.

The Global Methodist Church recognizes baptisms from other faiths and churches and therefore we do not re-baptize people, but we do encourage people to remember their baptisms as often as possible.

We offer special baptism Sundays throughout the year during morning worship.

All baptisms are scheduled through online registration. To begin the process toward baptism at Church on the Hill, click the button above and fill out the Baptism Request Form. We look forward to helping you take this step in a way that we hope will be meaningful and memorable!

After you register, you will receive additional instructions by email.

 If you have any additional questions, please contact us by emailing