Living a Life of Thanksgiving

November 10, 2022 | Wes Walker

As a young boy I can clearly remember our family Thanksgivings. I can close my eyes and almost smell the turkey baking in the kitchen, the sound of my mother making pumpkin and apple pies and me sneaking in for a quick peek only to be told to go back into the living room with my sisters. As we gathered around the table and were holding hands getting ready to pray, my father would ask us to tell one thing we were thankful for and we each, one-by-one, would tell what we were thankful for. Reminds me of the words of an old hymn...”Count your many blessings, name them one by one....”

Many of you know my story. Months in a hospital, heart stopping and being brought back... yes, I have many things I could name at that old dinner table to be thankful for, but why just be thankful one day each year? What if we would “count our many blessings” on a daily basis? Family, friends, or perhaps our health would be where many of us would go to first. But let’s really step back and take a closer look at a day in each of our lives.

Being grateful is a choice we can make on a daily basis. It has been said that it takes 18 days to form a habit. What if we took the next 18 days, and on a consistent basis, we opened our eyes to see things like never before. The beauty of a sunrise or perhaps the sun hitting the beautiful orange and yellow leaves is a great start to be thankful for what God has “painted” for us in a day. The sound of laughter, perhaps a conversation with an old friend or an opportunity to just sit and visit with someone in need. Yes, these are simple things that we do on a daily basis yet we never really reflect on how these events impact our lives or perhaps the lives of others.

Speaking of our grateful impact on others, what is your typical answer when someone asks you “How are you doing?” I’d say the vast majority of us give the usual answer, “I’m fine.” Maybe we are and maybe we aren’t but have you considered an answer with thankfulness in mind? The next time you’re asked that question, respond with “I’m blessed.” Watch the reaction, notice how the person almost stops in their tracks because you’ve given them a new answer they weren’t used to, prepared to explain why you’re blessed.

Yes, it is so easy for me to be thankful on a daily basis. Each morning is almost like Christmas...a gift I almost didn’t get any more of, but I find things all day long to be thankful for. I love listening to the laughter of the children in our Academy as they head to Praise & Worship; or the opportunity to catch up with a parent or a church family member I haven’t seen in a while. My friends, you just need to look around for a couple of seconds, and I’m confident you’ll find things to be thankful for each day. I challenge you to join me daily and “Count your many blessings, name them one by one!”

Know you are loved,
Wes Walker


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