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Join us for One Combined Worship Service on June 30 at 10am in the Worship Center

We believe the church isn’t a building—it’s people.

Scripture describes the Church as a body. A human body is made up of many parts and each one of us has a unique part to play. The Church is made up of all kinds of people with unique gifts and skills that God wants to use for His kingdom.

Church on the Hill's theme for this year is, "We are the Church." It is a profound statement of our purpose and a reminder of why we are here as God's people. Our purpose is to love unconditionally, serve sacrificially, worship with abandon, witness boldly, and share the message of God’s forgiveness with everyone we encounter. We exist to bring light into darkness, offer help to the hurting, healing to the broken, and proclaim God’s love to a world in desperate need. We Are The Church!

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