We Are The Church | Church on the Hill

We believe the church isn’t a building—it’s people.

And when each of those people knows who they are, what they believe, and why they believe it they can achieve incredible things together. 

Scripture describes the Church as a body. A human body is made up of many parts and each one of us has a unique part to play. The Church is made up of all kinds of people with unique gifts and skills that God wants to use for His kingdom. Start the New Year with our new teaching series, We Are the Church. 



Jesus calls the disciples and casts out an evil spirit. 


Jesus heals a man with leprosy.


Jesus heals a paralytic.


Jesus argues with scribes and redefines family.


Jesus is rejected in Nazareth and sends out the twelve.


Peter’s confession, the passion prediction, Jesus bearing the cross, and the Transfiguration.

We hope you'll plan your Sunday visit with us On The Hill for We Are The Church!